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Rclone Complete Uninstallation Guide Apps Troubleshooting rclone

In this guide we will be doing a complete uninstall of rclone. Such that all user configuration i...

How to Install Python Using Pyenv


Information Regarding Pyenv At a high level, pyenv intercepts Python commands using shim executa...

Factory Reset

Utility Scripts

This script can be used to completely or partially reset your Ultra service. The script cann...


Unofficial Application Installers

autobrr is an unofficial application which is not supported by yet. Please proceed w...


Unofficial Application Installers

Prerequisites To use Filebot you will be required to purchase a FileBot License.Filebot is a...

Cancellation Request

Client Area (Manage Billing)

This guide outlines how to create a cancel request for your service. Login to your Cl...

Second instance of Mediarr

Unofficial Application Installers

Second instances of the Mediarr are not supported by Please proceed with the guide ...


Unofficial Application Installers

Features Handles very large music collections Streams virtually any audio format available R...



Features Full Plex integration. Login and manage user access with Plex. Syncs to your Plex li...

Credit Balance

Client Area (Manage Billing)

Clients can store funds in their credit balance and use them to purchase new services or automati...

Upgrading or Downgrading your Service

Getting Help

Upgrades / Downgrades cannot be initiated for services that have an outstanding unpaid invoice....

Usage Instructions


ncdu is a great text-based user interface to manage your stored data. Prerequisite Login to you...

Rclone Mount using Systemd


This guide is for advanced users only and it serves as a guide for you to use rclone. The systemd...

Rclone VFS and MergerFS Setup


This guide is for advanced users only and it serves as a guide for you to use rclone and mergerFS... Network Rerouting Tool

Rerouting Tools

The reroute tool does not work with IPV6 addresses yet. Please disable IPV6 and use IPV4. Ple...


WireGuard (VPN)

Each service comes with a total of five different peer configurations that you can use...

Traffic Monitor

Utility Scripts

The script is unofficial and not supported by staff. Prerequisite Command execu...