Initial Setup and Configuration

In this guide, you'll be setting up ZNC and adding your first network. Listed are the goals of this tutorial:

  • Changing default ZNC Password
  • Setting up global and network modules
  • Adding your first IRC network
  • Connecting your ZNC browser to your IRC client

Initial Setup

First Login and Changing ZNC Password

  • Login to your ZNC interface by typing this address, replacing lwxxx with your server name and yyyyy with ZNC's WebUI port on your UCP.
  • You'll be greeted with the login page of ZNC's Web Interface

  • Login using the default credentials
Default ZNC Login Credentials

Username: admin
Password: admin

  • To change the password, go to Your Settings and set your password new password accordingly.
    • You do not need to change the other settings under Authentication

  • Scroll down to the bottom of the page and click Save and Continue

Setting your first IRC Server to ZNC

  • First, on the same page under IRC Information edit the following information listed according to your preferences.
    • Nickname
    • Alt. Nickname
    • Ident (Username)
    • Realname
    • Quit message
  • This section will apply said information to all future networks.
    • You can also set different nicks, idents and such per network.

  • Once that's done, scroll down to the bottom and click Save and Continue

  • To create your first ZNC Network (your IRC Network) by clicking Add under Your Settings -> Network

  • Set a name. In this setup, we'll be connecting to Freenode. We'll name this first network Freenode
    • If you have registered on this IRC network or you prefer another nick/ident for this network, you may change so here.

  • Uncheck Connect to IRC & automatically re-connect.

  • On Servers of this IRC network, click Add

  • Then add the hostname and the port of the IRC network you're connecting with.
    • If you're registered, it's advisable to not put your server/NickServ password in the Password field. Use sasl or nickserv modules instead, which will be discussed later.

  • Scroll down a bit and check the modules you need.
  • Listed below are our recommended modules but your choice of modules may vary.
crypt - It encrypts channel/private messages
keepnick - This module keeps on trying to get your preferred nick
kickrejoin - Automatically rejoin channels after being kicked
modules_online - Makes ZNC's modules to be "online". This is useful if you're using multiple IRC clients connected to ZNC
route_replies - It send replies (e.g. to /who) to the right client only which prevent the client to excessively send /who requests. It is also useful if you're using multiple IRC clients
sasl or nickserv - This is where you'll put your IRC password. This will depend on your IRC network.
perform - It executes your set commands after ZNC is successfully connected to the IRC network.

  • If you're using sasl, you'll put your IRC credentials under Network modules of your network.

  • You'll see this on either the left or right hand side of the page (depending on the theme) after you have saved your config.

  • If you're using nickserv, input your IRC password on the textbox beside it

  • Click save and continue to save your changes.
  • Now you'll notice a message on the top of the page saying "To connect to this network from your IRC client, you can set the server password field as admin/network_name:<znc_password> or username field as admin/network_name." Take note of that.

Connecting your IRC Client to ZNC


  • Open hexchat and make sure that your Hexchat username the same as the one you set on ZNC
  • Open Network List and click Add.

  • Type any name you want and hit Enter.

  • Highlight the Network you just made and Click Edit
  • Click the text named newserver/6667 and input there, inputting the hostname of your server and the ZNC port shown on UCP.

  • Then check the following
    • Connect to this Network automatically
    • Bypass proxy server
  • Uncheck Use global user information and on User name field, put in admin/network_name, replacing network_name with the network name you set in ZNC. In this tutorial, it's named as Freenode
  • In login method, select Server password (/PASS password)
  • On the password field, input your set ZNC password.

  • Check if everything is correct. Once confirmed, Click Close, highlight your new network and click Connect
  • If you'll see the last message Welcome to ZNC, signifying that you successfully connected to the ZNC bouncer.

Initializing Connection from your ZNC bouncer to your IRC network

  • To check if you set your network properly on your ZNC bouncer and in your client, check the *status message. If you get this following message, it means that you've set the client correctly.
<*status> You are currently disconnected from IRC. Use 'connect' to reconnect.
  • Now, in your IRC window, type in /znc connect.

  • You'll be greeted by your IRC network's Message of the Day.

Settings Overview

Global Settings

  • This is where you'll change themes and enable Global Modules.
  • It's recommended not to touch any of the settings here except
    • Skin
    • Maximum Buffer Size

Your Settings

  • Here, you can change your Authentication details per user, IRC information, Add or edit networks, Enable per-network modules and settings that alter ZNC behavior.

Traffic Info

  • Here, your ZNC traffic and storage stats are shown
  • It also shows your users' traffic info

Manage Users

  • Here, you can see the list of the registered users in your ZNC bouncer.