Setting Up UltraSeedbox VPN

All UltraSeedbox plans have complimentary VPN service included, which allows you to surf the web securely and anonymously by tunneling your internet traffic through your seedbox. We're using OpenVPN, a mature and secure VPN protocol.

This guide shows you how to get OVPN config files to be used to your OpenVPN clients and setting up OpenVPN clients.

Setting Up UltraSeedbox VPN

  • Login to your UCP and go to Access details
  • Under OpenVPN access, you'll have 3 buttons which allows you to download 3 OVPN configs.
    • This means that you can connect up to 3 devices to your seedbox's VPN with each device having its own config.

  • Download a config by clicking one of the 3 buttons. It'll download a zip file as {username}-{config number}.zip.

  • Opening the zip shows the following contents, as shown below. Extract them to a folder, to be used later.

OpenVPN Clients

Once extracted, you can now configure your OpenVPN clients. Listed below are the following clients: