OpenVPN for macOS

This short guide will walk you through on how to setup your OpenVPN Client in macOS using Tunnelblick.

Installing Tunnelblick

Setting Up Tunnelblick

  • Once installed, you'll get a welcome screen which asks if you have configuration files or not. Click I have configuration files

  • Extract your configuration files into a folder. We'll name the folder ultraseedbox
  • Add an extension of .tblk at the end of the folder name, which in this case is ultraseedbox.tblk. When you do this the icon for the folder will change to an icon for a Tunnelblick VPN Configuration.

  • Drag and drop ultraseedbox.tblk onto the Tunnelblick icon in the menu bar to install it.

  • When asked to install configuration for all users, click Only Me. After that, you'll get a notification that the config file has been installed.

Running Tunnelblick

  • To connect, simply right click the Tunnelblick icon and click Connect ultraseedbox. You'll get confirmation that it's successfully connected.

  • You can also confirm that you've successfully connected by visiting What Is My Ip Address. You'll see the server's IP address listed.