OpenVPN for iOS

This short guide will walk you through on how to setup your OpenVPN Client in iOS. For this guide, we'll be installing the ovpn profile in OpenVPN Connect which are available on all iOS devices.

Installing OpenVPN Connect

Syncing OVPN Files

  • Once installed, sync your ovpn files to you iOS device via iTunes' File Sharing Window

Running OpenVPN Connect

  • Tap the OpenVPN Connect icon. The first time you launched it, allow it to send notifications and tap Agree to the Data Collection Policy.

  • Your profile will be shown in the File Tab. Tap Add to the screens below.

  • Then Allow the app to add VPN configurations.

  • Once done, Just tap the switch beside the profile you just added to connect to the seedbox VPN.

  • You can also confirm that you've successfully connected by visiting What Is My Ip Address. You'll see the server's IP address listed.