Factory Reset

This script can be used to completely or partially reset your Ultra service.

The script cannot uninstall applications from your Control Panel so you have to uninstall them manually but it will not take more than a second because all containers will be removed by the script.
Any data deleted or application uninstalled by the script cannot be reverted. Please do not run the script without backing up important data.

Run the Script

  • Login to your service via SSH.

  • Execute the following SSH command:

bash <(wget -qO- https://scripts.usbx.me/main/Utility%20Scripts/factory-reset.sh)
  • Once you run the script and confirm the warnings you will see the choices given below.
Choose the option from the list below.
1. Complete reset, delete all data and config. 
2. Delete all extra folders and files. 
3. Uninstall all applications and their config but don't delete data. 
4. Delete data from default directories. 

Option 1

It will delete all data on your service, uninstall all your applications, delete configuration files of your applications and will do a fresh install of nginx for you. The bash shell will also be rest to it's default state.

Option 2

This option will delete all extra directories and files other than the default directories and files on your service. The default directories are bin downloads media watch www.

Option 3

This option will uninstall all your applications and their configuration files but will not delete your data.

Option 4

This option will delete all data from the default directories i.e bin downloads media watch www.