To use Filebot you will be required to purchase a FileBot License.
Filebot is a custom application with only a basic custom AMC provided. we can not provide support for Filebot beyond installation.
Filebot has a tendancy to try and use resources outside of process limits which can cause problems. We would highly recommend an Indexer such as Sonarr/Radarr to oragnise your media.

For the installers and the AMC scripts hosted here to work, you may have to do the following:

  • Uninstall FileBot from the UCP
  • Purchase a FileBot License and upload it to your slot using FTPS/SFTP


You can install the latest version below by copying the command to your shell (SSH) terminal. Should you encounter issues with the current version, it could be worth following the Uninstallation instructions and running the "Previous Version" installer command.

Latest Version (4.9.4)

bash <(wget -qO-

Previous Version (4.9.3)

bash <(wget -qO-

Be sure to run source .bashrc after installation. So that the filebot command gets activated in your environment.

Importing Your License

In order for your Filebot to work correctly now, it is now required you aqquire a license. The command below will import your license in to Filebot. This license file can be uploaded via FTP or you can create a new file with nano and paste the license key.

  • filebot --license /path/to/FileBot_License_P1234567.psm


Version 4.9.4+

  • rm -rfv "$HOME"/.filebot* && rm $HOME/bin/filebot

Version 3.9.0 - 4.9.3

  • rm -rfv $HOME/filebot-49* && rm "$HOME"/bin/filebot


For any issues/bugs pertaining to FileBot, you may do so to the following channels:

AMC Scripts

AMC scripts automatically organizes your latest media to your library. Once new media is detected, by default, the scripts do the following:

  • Unpack archives to ~/files/_extracted
  • Auto-detect movie and episode files
  • Fetch subtitles and transcode to SubRip/UTF-8
  • Creates a symbolic link and organize episodes, movies, and music files to ~/media

You can also edit the scripts to your liking to automate more of your setup. For more information on AMC options, you can visit this link for more information.


Before adding the scripts, make sure to do the following:

  • Uninstall FileBot from the UCP if you have it installed.
  • SSH in and create a folder to save your AMC scripts by doing mkdir -p ~/scripts/amc
  • Then choose the following script based on the torrent client you used.


  • wget -P ~/scripts/amc && chmod +rx ~/scripts/amc/
  • sed -i '/method.set_key =,filebot/d' ~/.config/rtorrent/rtorrent.rc
  • echo 'method.set_key =,filebot,"execute.nothrow=~/scripts/amc/,$d.base_path=,$,$d.custom1="' >> ~/.config/rtorrent/rtorrent.rc
  • app-rtorrent restart to apply the changes


  • wget -P ~/scripts/amc && chmod +rx ~/scripts/amc/
  • readlink -f ~/scripts/amc/ and copy the output
  • In Deluge, Go to Preferences -> Execute. Set the following:
Event: Torrent Complete
Command: paste the output of readlink -f ~/scripts/amc/ (eg. /homexx/username/amc/scripts/
  • Press OK and app-deluge restart


app-transmission stop

wget -P ~/scripts/amc && chmod +rx ~/scripts/amc/

sed -i 's#^ "script-torrent-done-enabled".*# "script-torrent-done-enabled": true,#' "$HOME"/.config/transmission-daemon/settings.json

sed -i 's#^ "script-torrent-done-filename".*# "script-torrent-done-filename": "'"$HOME"'/scripts/amc/",#' "$HOME"/.config/transmission-daemon/settings.json app-transmission restart

to apply the changes

Troubleshooting FAQ for FileBot

Why doesn’t Filebot work? It used to!

Unfortunately, this is because of the TVDB API update around six months ago. The endpoints were updated in the latest versions of filebot. We provide the last FOSS version. To keep using Filebot, you will need to purchase your license, import and update your filebot on your slot. You may also find other alternatives.

Upgrading and importing your filebot license:

Updated AMC script with guide:

Why does Filebot keep crashing?

Filebot is designed to compliment torrent clients on our infrastructure. Java, which is one of the dependencies of filebot, has a 1GB proclimit and is not recommended for running filebot in a cron or manage a whole folder at once. This type of action could quickly saturate an entire server’s cores.