Refund Policy

7 days

Ultraseedbox services are covered with a 7-day money back policy. You can order any of our services and use it as a test, you can cancel it within the first 7 days and we will refund your money. Please note these refunds are pro-rata based within the first 7 days.

Our refund policy is in place as a means to test our service. Any NEW client, one that has not previously had a service with us before, is entitled to a pro-rata refund of their service if applied for within the first seven days. This refund option applies only to a client’s, first service’s, first month, it is not an ongoing option. If multiple services are opened at the same time only a single will be eligible for a refund. If we expect or have found a client to be in violation of our TOS they will not be eligible for a refund. The exception is a cryptocurrency, under no circumstances, are these payments refundable.

We would also like the opportunity to make things right! If something is not right in the first couple of days, don't hesitate to open a ticket and let us try to help!


All our refunds are pro-rata, to you, this means in the case of a refund, you only pay what you’ve used. We will bill you only for the traffic used or the number of days you have had your account for. Refunds will be calculated based and whatever is used more time or traffic. Since few plans are unmetered and we want to prevent abuse, in case of refunds we will use 10TB traffic as a base for refund calculations. Refund of Seedbox plans that do not have unmetered traffic will be according to the traffic allocated.

Since NVME plans are capable of using very high traffic in limited time, a refund will be processed by taking 15% of the allotted upload bandwidth or the traffic you've used, whichever one is higher as a base for refund calculations.


Under no circumstance, in part or in whole are add-ons refundable or exchangeable


All clients are entitled to cancel their service at any point in time. To cancel a service a cancellation request must be made from the Client Portal. We offer two options; immediate cancellation and to cancel at the end of the billing period. If immediate cancellation is selected, the slot will be terminated and wiped shortly after the request. If immediate cancellation was selected by mistake we are unable to guarantee that any data will be recoverable. If cancellation at end of the billing period is selected the slot will be terminated and wiped at the end of the billing period. It is the responsibility of the client to ensure that all active PayPal recurring payments are canceled.

Subscriptions and Overpayments

PayPal subscriptions are the sole responsibility of the client to manage. We are unable to cancel these on a client’s behalf and as a result, require the client to cancel any unneeded ones when they cancel or upgrade a service with us, we also require the client to keep track of any set up subscriptions to avoid overpayment due to duplicate payments. Any overpayments on our services will be added to the relevant Ultraseedbox account and can be accessed and used as credit on future invoices/services, these overpayments are non-refundable.

Chargebacks and PayPal Disputes

When opening a service with us clients agree to contact us first regarding any issues. The use of a PayPal dispute or a chargeback to forcibly revoke funding from us is considered a violation of our TOS. Any clients who commit either of these actions will be blacklisted from using any services with us in the future.

How to request a refund

Like we have outlined above, please give us a chance to fix or make it right first. If this is not possible or you're sure, then please first submit a cancellation request under services in

Then open a ticket with us so we can arrange this for you.

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