Initial Setup and Configuration

This guide will show you the initial setup and the configuration options for Transmission.

Initial Setup

Deluge is already configured and tuned out of the box. Just install the client, enter your desired password and press Connect to login to your Transmission Web Interface.

Default File Paths

Default Downloads Folder: ~/files

Deluge's config folder: ~/.config/transmission-daemon

Settings Overview

  • To access Transmission's WebUI settings, click the wrench icon on the bottom left corner of the screen.

  • Listed below are the settings that might be relevant to you.


  • Here, you can set the default Downloads folder path.
  • You can also set here the global seedling limits such as seeding ratio and stop seeding if idle at a certain time
    • If you're going to public torrents on this tracker, it is advised to check Stop seeding at ratio: and set it to 2.


  • Here, you can set global seeding speed limits.
    • We do not recommend throttling your torrent speeds. Consider limiting the seeding ratio instead.


  • This is where you can set a number of options such as
    • Connections
    • enabling BitTorrent features such as PEX and DHT
    • Enabling blocklists
  • If you want to use Transmission on public trackers only, you can leave PEX and DHT enabled. If you're using private trackers only, disable them.