Initial Setup

In this guide, we'll be setting up TheLounge for the first time and explaining its use.

In private mode, The Lounge acts like a bouncer and a client combined, in order to offer an experience similar to other modern chat applications outside the IRC world. Users can then access and resume their session without being disconnected from their channels.

In public mode, it acts as an open chat available to anyone without registration. Absolutely do not enable public mode on your installation.

After your first login using the credentials set during installation, You will be presented with the setup for your first IRC server connection

Field Value
Name Ident Name
Server IRC Server Address
Port (:) IRC Server Port
IRC Password IRC’s Server password (Optional)
Use secure connection (TLS) Checked
Only allow trusted certificates Checked
Nick IRC Nickname
Username Username for IRC User
Real Name Full name to display
Channels Which IRC Channel will be joined
Authentication type This will depend on the IRC Server Most will use SASL PLAIN

If you decide to try The Lounge with the default settings you will be joined to Freenode IRC, If you are new to IRC this may be a good place to start. You will get a private message from the Freenode bot, The left panel is your navigation which is useful for private messages and Joining/Managing multiple IRC server.