Initial Setup and Configuration

This guide give you an overview of Tautulli's Initial Setup Wizard and the relevant settings that you maybe interested in. This assumes the following:

  • You have a fully configured Plex Media Server

Initial Setup

Setup Wizard

  • Upon clicking connect, You'll be greeted by Tautulli's Setup Wizard. Click Next to continue

  • Here, this is where you'll input your Tautulli credentials. Add your preferred username and password.
    • Make sure your username and password are unique

  • This section is where you'll connect your Plex Account to Tautulli. Click Sign In with Plex and login using your Plex credentials. You'll get an Authentication successful once logged in successfully.
  • Click Next to proceed

  • Then, select the Plex Server that you wish to monitor.
    • If you install Plex Media Server on your seedbox, there would be 2 in the dropbox with the same PMS name. Select the one with the port 32400. In the screenshot below, this is underlined.
    • Verify that the port is 32400 and both Remote server and Use SSL are unchecked

  • If you have a Plex Media Server outside your seedbox, select that and enter its port.
    • Check Remote server (Important) and Use SSL (when applicable)
  • You can leave the options on the last three steps as-is then click Finish to load up your settings and get you to Tautulli's Login Page.

Setting Up SSL

  • Click the gear icon on the top right side

  • Click Show advanced to expose Tautulli's advanced settings

  • Then on Web interface, add /tautulli on HTTP Root and check Enable HTTP Proxy. Once that's done, scroll down and click Save.

  • Click Restart and wait for 30 seconds.

  • You can now access Tautulli Web Interface via https://{username}.{servername}