Using NovoServe Rerouting Tool

In this guide, we'll be showing you how to use NovoServe's rerouting tool. This tool can help you reroute your connection to the most optimal route. This can help you max out your download speeds from our servers to your PC.

This tool only changes the route from our servers to your PC (Download). It does not have any control over the reoute from your PC to our servers (Upload) and is under your ISP's control. Contact your ISP and ask if they have any rerouting tools available.


  • Visit NovoServe's Rerouting Tool here:
  • You should see a command prompt as shown. The prompt shows you your ip address.

  • Type in reroute -i -y and press Enter

  • It'll load to another page. Wait for RetouteIntel to finish. DO NOT CLOSE THE WINDOW.

  • Once finished, it'll show you the route chosen and how much faster the new route is compared to the worst route. By default, it is set for you to use this route for 10 days. After 10 days and you see degraded performance, you might have to run RerouteIntel again.

  • You can use the same route again by scrolling down the reroute tool. You should see the Rerouting tool window. You can see the available routes under Desired transit and how long will the reroute lasts under Duration.
  • In this case, the desired Transit is Telia AMS (shown in RerouteIntel as telia1) and the maximum duration which is 3 weeks (21 days).
  • Once that's done, click Add reroute. Wait for up to a minute for the reroute to apply.