Ultra.cc Network Rerouting Tool

The reroute tool does not work with IPV6 addresses yet. Please disable IPV6 and use IPV4.
Please do not use the reroute tool while connected to a VPN or Proxy.

Transits Available on our Network

  • Cogent
  • CDN77

CDN77 includes a direct connection to Core‑Backbone, Cogent, GTT, NTT, Sparkle, Liberty Global, Arelion, and Orange.

Reroute Tool Guide


MultiStream disabled ensures that the speed test only occurs using a single connection from your client to the server. This is representative of a single-file's FTP download speed and a single stream via Media Servers like Plex. Therefore, MultiStream disabled is recommended when re-routing.
Leave it enabled if you wish to speed test with multiple connections from your client to the server.

  • Disable MultiStream.
  • Enable Automatic Rerouting.
  • Click on Start Test.


The Dynamic route refers to your default route. The one before you perform a re-route.

  • Once the test is complete, click on View results.


  • The best route will be auto-applied.