Accessing the seedbox using VNC

VNC Access is being phased out on new plans. This page will still be up for clients on legacy plans.

In this guide, we'll be teaching you on how to access your seedbox's GUI via VNC. We'll be doing the following steps:

  1. Accessing your seedbox's SSH
  2. Setting up VNC Daemon
  3. Downloading VNC Client
  4. Accessing seedbox's GUI via VNC

Setting up VNC Daemon

  • Access your seedbox's SSH
  • Then on your SSH terminal, type the following command where
    • password is any password you desire.
      • Make sure this is unique and is not used on your other accounts
    • resolution as your preferred resolution
      • It should be width x height (eg 1920x1080)
      • We recommend setting it to 1920x720 for optimal performance.
vnc-restart {password} {resolution


vnc-restart coolpassword 1920x1080
  • After that, the following output appears. Take note of the connect to section. You'll need this to connect on your VNC client.
usbdocs@lw701:~$ vnc-restart coolpassword 1920x1080
Warning: password truncated to the length of 8.
VNC server started on port: 5914
    connect to:    or

Downloading a VNC Client

Accessing seedbox's GUI via VNC

  • Open up your VNC client.
  • Then put the address from the connect to section in the Address text box and click Connect

  • An unencrypted connection warning appears. Press connect to continue.
    • You may opt to check Do not warn me for {address} again so it doesn't warn you again the next time you connect.
    • If you are worried about this, you may opt to use x2go instead which uses SSH to connect to your virtual desktop.

  • Enter the VNC password that you've set earlier here.

  • Then, you'll be greeted by the seedbox's Virtual Desktop
  • On the panel window, click Use default config.

  • Your home folder is located in the Home folder
    • Your desktop may contain other home folders from other users. These are the nodes to which other users are in.
    • You can only view the folder names inside these home folders but you cannot access these said folders.
    • Only your own home folder is accessible by you.