Remote Desktop

Guides on how to remotely access your seedbox's GUI from anywhere

Accessing the seedbox using VNC

VNC Access is only available to 30 EUR plans and above.

In this guide, we'll be teaching you on how to access your seedbox's GUI via VNC. We'll be doing the following steps:

  1. Accessing your seedbox's SSH
  2. Setting up VNC Daemon
  3. Downloading VNC Client
  4. Accessing seedbox's GUI via VNC

Setting up VNC Daemon

vnc-restart {password} {resolution


vnc-restart coolpassword 1920x1080
usbdocs@lw701:~$ vnc-restart coolpassword 1920x1080
Warning: password truncated to the length of 8.
VNC server started on port: 5914
    connect to:    or

Downloading a VNC Client

Accessing seedbox's GUI via VNC