rclone Optimizations for Apps

This guide lists optimizations when using rclone mount to host your files to your seedbox. This is to lessen the API request hits made by rclone to your cloud streaming service and to not hit your cloud streaming's download quotas.

Media Centers


Settings ⇾ Library

  • Scan my library periodically: Daily
    • This lessens the API requests sent.
    • You can set this down to 6 hours if necessary.
    • You may also use Sonarr/Radarr's Connect to update your libraries if there are any new episodes/movies uploaded with periodic scanning to daily.
  • Generate video preview thumbnails: never
  • Generate intro video markers: never
  • Generate chapter thumbnails: never
  • Analyze audio tracks for loudness: never
    • The following settings do a full download of the file and is only used to create intro markers, generate thumbnails and analyze the audio track of each file.