Setting Up an Automatic PayPal Subscription

This guide will show you how to set up an automatic PayPal subscription. This is for clients who used a different payment option and wished to use PayPal to automate their seedbox payments.

  • Login to your client area and click on View All

  • Then on the next screen click on the Unpaid button

  • Then click on the PayPal Subscribe button

  • On the next screen you will get Subscribe and PayPal Checkout buttons. You can either choose the following:

  • If you clicked PayPal Checkout, you will be greeted with the screen as shown below.
  • Enter your credentials there and make the payment as usual.

  • If Subscribe was clicked in the earlier step, you will be greeted with the screen shown below.
  • Enter your card and other details and proceed to make payment as usual, your subscription has been added.