Adding Custom Posters

Written by debian-d

This guide will show you how to change a movie poster on Plex.

The poster website of choice for this guide will be ThePosterDB ( You can use any poster website for this.

This can be done in order to be able to change the poster to reflect a different style, for either a collection or personal choice, or can be done in order to put a poster on one that imdb does not have.

For example, the movie I will be changing is Star Wars (1977) and changing it to this poster:

  • Navigate to your Plex server library, which can be found at the top of the respective category of media under "Library"

  • Find the piece of media you would like to change or insert the poster for, you will want to hover over it with your mouse and at the bottom right you will see a little pencil icon.

  • You will then click the Poster tab, then you can either click and drag the poster in off your desktop, use a URL, or choose an image from your respective file explorer.

  • You will then wait for it to upload, and then click save changes, it should automatically place the poster on it, but if it does not you will have to scroll down and find the poster if there are multiple.

  • You can now see the finished product!