Initial Setup and Configuration

In this guide, we'll be setting up Ombi for the first time. This assumes the following:

  • You've setup a download client and a media library manager
  • You have a media server installed

Initial Setup

Setup Login

  • Upon installation, once you clicked Connect you'll be greeted by Ombi's Setup Wizard. This will guide you through setting up Ombi. Click Next to continue

  • The next page asks for either the media center of your choice or to skip this step. We recommend skipping this so press Skip

  • Next page will be creating an Admin account. Enter your preferred credentials here.

  • Once that's done, enter your set credentials to login.

Setting Ombi

  • To enter setup, go to Settings

  • Then, here you can add your app details here. Please efer to the following guide for connecting apps to your Ombi instance.

Ombi Client Connection Details