Initial Setup

In this guide, we'll be setting up Ombi for the first time. This assumes the following:

  • You've setup a download client and a media library manager
  • You have a media server installed
  • You are running Version 3 of Ombi, Version 4 comes pre-configured

Initial Setup

Setup Login V3

  • Upon installation, once you clicked Connect you'll be greeted by Ombi's Setup Wizard. This will guide you through setting up Ombi. Click Next to continue

  • The next page asks for either the media center of your choice or to skip this step. We recommend skipping this so press Skip

  • Next page will be creating an Admin account. Enter your preferred credentials here.

  • Once that's done, enter your set credentials to login.

Setting Ombi V3

  • To enter setup, go to Settings

  • Then, here you can add your app details here. Please refer to the following guide for connecting apps to your Ombi instance.

Ombi Client Connection Details

Setting up SSL on your Ombi V3 Instance

  • Go to Settings > Ombi
  • Add /ombi under Base URL and restart your Ombi V3 Instance

  • Then you can access it via https://[username].[servername]