Installing NZBGet Post-processing Scripts

Post-processing scripts (pp-scripts) on NZBGet help in further processing your downloaded files after downloading and unpacking such as the following:

  • Deleting unwanted files
  • Renaming and sorting releases
  • Unlocking password-protected archived files

In this guide, we'll be showing you how to setup and enable Post-processing scripts for NZBGet.

Creating NZBget Scripts Folder

  • Login to your seedbox's SSH and run the following command to create the scripts subfolder inside nzbget's config folder:
mkdir -p "$HOME"/.apps/nzbget/scripts

Downloading Scripts

  • After that, just put any scripts that want on your newly created folder in "$HOME"/.apps/nzbget/scripts
    • The next section contains some of our recommended scripts.
    • In this guide, we'll be installing
usbdocs@lw976:~$ wget -P "$HOME"/.apps/nzbget/scripts
--2020-06-02 13:01:17--
Resolving (,,, ...
Connecting to (||:443... connected.
HTTP request sent, awaiting response... 200 OK
Length: 5075 (5.0K) [text/plain]
Saving to: ‘/home25/usbdocs/.apps/nzbget/scripts/’                    100%[=================================================>]   4.96K  --.-KB/s    in 0s

2020-06-02 13:01:17 (54.3 MB/s) - ‘/home25/usbdocs/.apps/nzbget/scripts/’ saved [5075/5075]

  • Login to your NZBGet instance and go to Settings -> Extension Scripts.
  • Then, on Extensions click Choose and check the extension scripts that you want
  • If you have multiple scripts, you can also organize which scripts goes first.
  • AFter you've set the scripts to your liking, click Apply. Scroll down and click Save all changes. Reload NZBGet after to properly load up your scripts.

Recommended Post-Processing Scripts

  • This script removes subdirectories and put all downloaded files into the root download directory. You can specify a unique directory and append category sub directory if wanted.
wget -P "$HOME"/.apps/nzbget/scripts

  • This script delete "-sample" files found alongside downloaded files.
wget -P "$HOME"/.apps/nzbget/scripts

  • This script rename files with hashes from NZB's filename.
wget -P "$HOME"/.apps/nzbget/scripts

  • This script attempts to extract password-protected archives using a list of possible passwords.
wget -P "$HOME"/.apps/nzbget/scripts

  • This extension script will reverse filenames first then rename to folder name on failure.
wget -P "$HOME"/.apps/nzbget/scripts


  • This script uses scene-standard naming conventions to match TV shows and movies and rename/move/sort/organize them as you like.
cd "$HOME"/.apps/nzbget/scripts
git clone

For more information and other recommended post-processing scripts, you can visit NZBGet's Catalog of Post-processing scripts.