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Staff Guide /Upgrades/Downgrades

Upgrades For those of your familiar with the old system, this should come naturally; In this example, I'll use the upgrade path Harrier > Panzer just for easy referencing.

Upgrading the Service

So our first step is to open the target order (harrier) and upgrade it. To do so, click the service in the blue bar under the upgrade request ticket. You should already be on the Product/services page; however, if not, go to this tab Ensure the correct service is selected in the significant drop-down bar near the top of this page.

Now you will find a button to the right of the page called More click this then Upgrade/Downgrade. click this to be presented with options Select the intended upgrade; in this case, Panzer from the drop-down menu, the pop up will update to show the total due on this upgrade

Days Left on Current Cycle: 21 / 31
Upgrade Total Due: €10.16EUR

Create the order; Client will pay the Invoice OR in case of a free upgrade, you will mark the Invoice paid and accept the upgrade order and correct the pricing (you will have to see the migration sheet for the plans in a free upgrade. Note: Downgrading can also be done but will require crediting a client, so we will cover this later in the guide

Once the Invoice is paid or set as paid by staff in the case of free upgrades, you must set the original order to pending, in this case, the harrier, NOT THE NEW UPGRADE ORDER

New Service deployed

Once a new service is deployed and active in WHMCS, this new service will be hidden in Django(you can confirm this with the green check on "Hidden") for the user, but you as an admin, if you check a client's UCP via client emulation, you will be able to see both new and old services. Now set the SSH password on the new service from UCP. The same SSH password of the old service will be reflected on the new service, but it will be just a clone, so YOU MUST set it again. Ssh to new service (Panzer) and start the data migration with migrate-user-data -e emailaliasnumber username oldslotname If you get an error message saying you cannot accept email, you must contact iStan, Who will likely ask you to contact Panda to Whitelist your staff email in our tools. ASK iSTAN FIRST Once the first run completes, create a screen screen -S 2ndpass and run the 2nd pass migrate-user-data -s -e emailaliasnumber username oldslotname

After 2nd Pass

After 2nd pass, open Django again for the new service (Panzer) here - and from "Migrate Action" press the settings button, it will reflect the settings on the new service. Now, click on apps and copy the migrate command chain for the apps and then paste it in terminal on new service (Panzer). All done, migrated data, settings, and apps for the new service. Now, unhide the new service by clicking the service itself (Panzer), then untick the "hidden option" tickbox and save, then hide the old service found by clicking the service itself (harrier) then the "hidden option" tickbox and save.

Please report to the client that migration is completed and ask them to verify then place the old slot and username in the migration discord.