Initial Setup

Copy operation in Midnight commander (MC)

By Default all slots come with Midnight Commander installed and it can be started as easily as connecting to your Slot via SSH and issuing the command mc this will present you with Midnight commander

Midnight Commander allows you to interact with the SSH console using your mouse so you can simply Click a folder or file you wish to navigate to. In this example I will copy the file “Folder1file” to Folder2 using Midnight Commander.

Once you have your Source and destination chosen you can either use the top menu bar to access options or use the F5 Key to issue the copy command

This will present you with the confirmation dialog and show you the path you will copy to clicking OK or hitting enter will begin the action

As you can see “folderfile1” has now been coped to “Folder2”

Delete operations using Midnight Commander

Deleting is just as easy as copy operations, Once you navigate to the file you wish to remove you can either use the same menu as copy

or hit the F8 Key and accept the deletion confirmation by either clicking or hitting the enter Key.

Move operations using Midnight Commander

Move works in the exact same way as the copy command the only change in the steps is the key which is F6. You will see the same dialog box as with copying, You may either click OK or Hit the enter key. The file will be moved from the left directory to the right directory.