Extra Guides(MEDUSA)

Download Client Connection Details

Torrent Clients


Connection Settings

Search .torrent files: ENABLED
Send .torrent files to: rtorrent
rTorrent host:port: https://{username}.{servername}.usbx.me/rutorrent/plugins/httprpc/action.php
Http Authentication: Basic
rTorrent Username: {username}
rTorrent Password: As configured in UCP under ruTorrent
Add Label To Torrent: Medusa
Downloaded Files Location: <EMPTY>

Post-Processing Setup

This step is very important if using ruTorrent as your download client. ruTorrent will not append an extension to downloads therefore Medusa's Post-Processor will import incomplete downloads if the Auotools-AutoMove plugin is not used in ruTorrent.


Connection Settings

Search .torrent files: ENABLED
Send .torrent files to: Transmission 
Transmission host:port: https://{username}.{servername}.usbx.me
Transmission RPC URL: transmission/rpc
Transmission Username: {username}
Transmission Password: As configured in UCP under Transmission
Downloaded Files Location: EMPTY

Post Processing Setup

Transmission appends ".part" to the downloading file extensions until the download is completed and Medusa will ignore these files with ".part" extensions, so there is no need to configure any further Post Processing directory settings for this client

Usenet Clients

NZBGet: Connection Settings

Send .nzb files to: NZBGet
Host: {username}.{servername}.usbx.me/nzbget
Connect using HTTPS: ENABLED
Username: {nzbget username}
Password: {nzbget password}
Use NZBget category: Medusa
Use NZBget category (backlog episodes): Medusa
Use NZBget category for anime: Medusa-Anime
Use NZBget category for anime (backlog episodes): Medusa-Anime

NZBGet: Post Processing Setup

Per the example in the screenshot below, {HOME##} is home8 and the {username} is docs, so the full path for the files directory would be: /home8/docs/files