Initial Setup

In this guide, we will be going into detail on installing, configuring and using Lidarr. The following are the steps that we will do:

  • Enabling automatic organization and adding a root Folder
  • Adding indexers
  • Connecting your download clients
  • Adding your first artist

Initial Setup

Configure a Download Client

  • To add a Download Client, go to Settings -> Download Clients

  • Click the plus icon at the top, and pick your Download client

  • Refer to the following link below to add your preferred download client.

Lidarr Download Client Connection Details

Add a Root Folder

  • First, head to Settings and then Media Management.

  • Then click Add Root Folder

  • Go to /homexx/{username}/media/Music then click Ok.

  • It should now show a new Root Folder

Add an Indexer

  • Now click the Indexers tab
  • Add an indexer by clicking the big plus button and input what is asked on each indexer you wish.
    • Depending on the indexer, it'll ask for your account credentials or a passkey. Refer to your indexer/tracker for more information on what to put.

  • Once that's done, click save changes.

Add an Artist

  • To add an artist, go to Artists -> Add New
  • Then click Add New Artist

  • This page will be shown. Simply search the artist and click the correct one.
  • Once selected, you can change if you want to monitor the series for any new albums and your preferred quality profile
  • Once that's done, you can click the green button to add it to your Lidarr.
  • If you want to immediately search and download for the artists in your indexers.