Initial Setup and Configuration

In this guide, we'll be setting up JDownloader2 for the first time. We'll be doing the following:

  1. Creating a MyJDownloader account
  2. Setting up JDownloader

Initial Setup

Registration to MyJDownloader

  • Before installing, create your MyJdownloader account if you haven't already

  • You'll receive an email from JDownloader. Click Finish Registration now

  • Then, enter your desired password and click Confirm


  • Install Jdownloader2 from our UCP
  • On the fields below, type in your JDownloader credentials and click Install
    • You can uncheck Disable VNC service. We recommend to leave it checked so it'll be more secure.

  • Once installation is complete, you can click Connect or go to
  • Sign in with your registered credentials. Once logged in, your JDownloader instance will be shown with the name lwxxx-username

  • Click the said instance to access your instance's web interface