Initial Setup

JDownloader 2 is a download manager, written in Java, allowing automatic download of groups of files from one-click hosting sites. JDownloader has the following features

Use of premium accounts

Parallel downloads

Automatic CAPTCHA solving using its own OCR module

Automatic extraction of archived files, decryption of RSDF, CCF, and DLC Container files

Integrated package manager


Multilingual support

For more information about this app, refer to this link:

Initial Setup

In this section, we'll be setting up JDownloader2 for the first time. We'll be doing the following:

Accessing JDownloader Interface

Changing the Generated Password

Creating and logging into your MyJdownloader2 Account (Optional)

Accessing the JDownloader Interface

Install Jdownloader2 from our UCP and set your own unique strong password. You can view this set password at any time by clicking the eye.

Press Connect to load up the JDownloader Interface.

Enter the user-created password to get access to the main interface.

Downloaded files will be located at home/username/jdownloader2 upon completion

Changing your password

Use the "Change password" option under the action menu displayed in Jdownloader2 via the installed applications tab.

Registration to MyJDownloader and Accessing MyJdownloader Interface (Optional)

  • Go to and click Register now

  • Put in your email address and captcha. Once that's done, click Register.

  • You'll receive an email from JDownloader. Click Finish Registration now

  • Login into your JDownloader instance and click the MyJdownloader tab

  • Enter your credentials under My Account. You may set your Device Name here.

  • Press Connect and wait for the green text to show.

  • In, sign in with your registered credentials. Once logged in, your JDownloader instance will be shown with your set device name.

Adding Downloads

To add a download to Jdownloader simply paste a HTTP/HTTPS link into Jdownloader to add it to the download processer.