Initial Setup and Configuration

In this guide, we'll be setting up Jackett for the first time. We'll go through the following steps:

  1. Logging into Jackett Interface
  2. Adding Indexers to Jackett

Initial Setup

Logging in

  • Upon entering the interface, you'll be greeted with the login window. Type in your set password to get into the interface.

  • Once logged in, you'll be greeted with this window.

Adding Indexers to Jackett

  • Now, we will add your first indexers. In this guide, I'll be adding Anidex (a public tracker) and HD-Torrents (a private tracker). Click Add Indexer to start.

  • We'll first add the public tracker, Anidex. USe the search bar to quickly find the tracker.

  • Once that's done, click +. This'll add it to your list and it's ready to go.
    • Below it are instructions on how to add your new Jackett indexer to your apps.

  • There are some public trackers that needs more configuration for you to get the results you want. On Anidex, click the wrench icon, which will take you to the indexer settings.
  • This'll show you tracker-specific settings that might be useful. In this case, Anidex has an entry called Language ID with some options below.

  • Scroll down a bit and you'll see a section called Capabilities. This shows categories and description of each category.
    • This is important for adding categories on apps like Sonarr/Radarr.

  • Once we're done configuring the indexer, click Okay to go back to the main screen.
  • Now, we'll move on to adding HD-Torrents. Click Add Indexer and search for it.
  • Private trackers needs some configuration. Click the wrench icon to go to the settings.

  • Depending on the private tracker, it'll have different ways to authenticate Jackett to the tracker. Here, we'll just input our tracker credentials and click Okay.

  • Once that's done, you can now use Jackett to connect to your favorite applications.

Web Interface and Settings Overview

Jackett is pretty straightforward. Here are some of the important buttons and settings that you may need to know.


  • Found on the top of the page, here  you'll get the generated API key to be used when connecting Jackett to other applications

Configured Indexer Buttons

Add Indexer

  • This is where you'll add new indexers to Jackett

View cached releases

  • In this screen, you'll find recent releases from your set indexers that is cached in Jackett. Only 300 releases per indexer are cached.

Test all

  • This is where you'll test all of your indexers. Should there will be indexer failures, it'll show a warning icon beside the indexer and show you the error. This error will also be logged.

Jackett Configuration

Most of the settings here are preconfigured and you can leave it as it is but there are some that could be useful for you.

  • View logs - This will give you access to Jackett logs for debugging