Downloading Files from your UltraSeedbox Slot using HTTP Access

One of the ways to manage files from your seedbox into your computer is through HTTP access. This provides you a quick and secure way to download files to your computer from your seedbox by using your web browser.

It is not meant for you to share files to your friends. For that you need to either use Userland ProFTPD, Nextcloud or Pydio.

Take note that HTTP Access counts towards your allocated upload bandwidth.

Sharing your files to the public is considered to be abuse by USB TOS and will be subjected to immediate termination.

In this guide, we'll be setting up HTTP access and adding a folder into your HTTP Access page.

Setting Up HTTP Access

  • Login to your User Control Panel and login with the credentials you set and Press Connect

  • Click Access details and click Change password beside HTTP access.

  • Set your password to anything you wish. We recommend using a unique password that you do not use in any of your existing accounts and has the following:
    • At least 12 characters
    • An uppercase letter
    • A lowercase letter
    • At least 1 number
    • At least 1 symbol
  • When you're done click Confirm change

  • A popup saying Password successfully changed should appear on the lower right corner of the page, signifying that the password is set successfully.

  • To login to your seedbox's HTTP access page, go to the URL shown under HTTP access.

  • Then a basic auth prompt appears. Enter the credentials entered

  • It'll show this page. Here, it shows 2 links. 1 is files where ruTorrent/Transmission download folders reside.

  • Clicking on this will show the contents of the files folder and you can download each item.

Adding Folders to HTTP Access

  • To add a folder to HTTP access, just login to SSH and run the follwing command:

ln -s ~/{folder-name} ~/www/{folder-name}

  • For example, to set the Downloads folder on your HTTP access
usbdocs@lw873:~$ ls
bin  Downloads  files  media  openvpn  watch  www
usbdocs@lw873:~$ ln -s ~/Downloads/ ~/www/Downloads
  • Once that's done, visit your HTTP Access Page to see the Downloads folder added to the list.