Upgrading or Downgrading your Service

Upgrades / Downgrades cannot be initiated for services that have an outstanding unpaid invoice.
Extra Traffic Addons are not carried over from your old service as part of an upgrade / downgrade.

The migration of your service will be an upgrade or downgrade based purely on pricing.

If the plan you wish to upgrade to costs more than your existing plan then it's an upgrade and vice-versa.

The terms are not based on the performance of the service.

Initiate an Upgrade / Downgrade Process

  • Our support team takes care of upgrading or downgrading your service for you.
  • You only need to submit a ticket and mention the plan name that you wish to upgrade/downgrade your existing service to.

Helpful Information


  • Your service would be upgraded on a pro-rated basis.
  • Any amount already paid for your current service's billing period will go towards your upgrade.
  • The pro-rated amount is calculated as follows:
Old Service
Price Per Day * Number of days until next due date = Amount Credited

New Service
Price Per Day * Number of days until next due date = Amount Debited

Total Payable Today = Amount Debited - Amount Credited


  • Your service is downgraded on a pro-rated basis.
  • Any excess amount that you have already paid for your service in the current billing period is refunded as extra days on your new service.

Migration Process

  • As standard, before delivery of your upgraded or downgraded service, we will copy all your content from your current service and migrate all of your default supported applications and torrent clients with a few exceptions:
Excessive Media Server application databases could be a problem, i.e., Plex/Jellyfin/Emby.

Nextcloud, Pydio and MariaDB related applications due to MySQL complications and the way these apps pull and update.

Any fused mounts will need to set up again, currently, we have not implemented the migration of rclone or mergerfs service files. These just need to be re-downloaded from our repository and enabled.
  • Unfortunately, custom-built applications are not migrated and need to be rebuilt.

  • Clients have the option to ask us to skip this migration process in case they want a fresh and empty new service.