Finding Support

Community Discord Support

We offer a community powered support Discord server. While staff may sometimes be available here, it is not an official line of support and as a result we can't guarantee support through this channel 24/7.

Please keep in mind our Discord support is primarily community driven. As such please be patient with whoever helps you and if you are requiring more sensitive or immediate support try submitting a ticket.

Our community Discord server can be found at this link.

Submitting a Ticket

If you have searched our Docs for information to assist with your issue and was unable to get the problem solved, feel free to reach out to us via a ticket!

What should I include in my support ticket?

Being specific and including all relevant information. This may include:

  • What are you trying to do
  • How you are trying to do it
  • Any error messages (or lack of one)
  • Any troubleshooting tips that you did
  • Name of file or torrent it applies to
  • Any software you may be using