Setting Up Deluge Thin Client

Deluge's Thin Client is a great way to manage your Deluge instance from your PC. It also gives you more customization to your Deluge instance and some plug-ins, such as LabelPlus, do require that you need to have the thin client installed for you to access its settings.

This guide shows you how to install, configure and to connect your Deluge client to your slot's instance.


  • Download and install Deluge from the links below
Deluge Client 1.3.15
    Windows -
    MacOS -
    Linux - Refer to your distribution

Setting up Deluge Client

  • Open up Deluge Client on your PC
    • Click Preferences -> Interface and Uncheck Classic Mode
    • Confirm to restart Deluge

  • Once Rebooted, a window named Connection Manager appears. Click Add.
  • Go back to your UCP, under Applications Tab find remote client access under Deluge and input the values accordingly.

  • Once that's done, click add and wait for the Green circle to pop up.
  • Once that's popped up, highlight your new details and click Connect.