Automatically Remove Torrents Using AutoRemovePlus

In this guide, we'll be guiding you on how to install and configure the plugin AutoRemovePlus. This plugin automatically removes torrents based on your specified configurations. It has the following features:

  • Choose to remove or pause torrents based on multiple criteria age, seeders, seed time or ratio
  • Set specific removal rules depending on tracker or label
  • Only remove torrents if under a certain HDD space threshold
  • Select if torrents have to fulfill both or either criteria. Delete torrents in order (e.g. delete torrents with highest ratio first)
  • Don't remove torrents if they don't reach a minimum time (in days) or ratio.
  • Right click and select torrents that you don't want automatically removed.
  • Remove torrent data option.


  • To install, download the plugin from the link below and install the plugin in your Deluge
    • For more information on how to install Deluge plugins, visit this guide here for more information

Setting up AutoRemovePlus

  • Once installed, go to AutoRemovePlus. You'll see 2 tabs, which are described below


  • Here, you can set your general settings of the plugin. This applies to all of the torrents, current and future torrents. The relevant settings are as follows:
    • Enable
      • Enables the plugin
    • Check Every
      • This sets the interval for the plugin to check Deluge's loaded torrents
      • For example, to check every 24 hours, set it to 1. To check every 6 hours, set it to 0.25
    • Maximum torrents
      • This sets the maximum amount of loaded torrents. Once the number of torrents exceeds the set value, it'll remove the torrents that meets the minimum criteria.
      • For example, setting this to 0 removes every torrent. Setting it to 250 removes every torrent when total loaded torrents is above 250.
    • Minimum HDD Space
      • This sets the minimum HDD space.
      • When disk space goes lower than the value set, it removes the torrents that meets the critera until it reaches the minimum HDD space value set.
      • If set to -1, it will disable this option.

  • The next section concerns the global preferences for AutoRemovePlus to your torrents.
    • For example, you can set AutoRemovePlus to delete all torrents that has at least 2.0 ratio

  • You can also set it to remove that has at least 2.0 ratio or has been seeded for 7 days

  • Under exception rules, you can set Global Exceptions.

  • Under thr Type column, you can select if you want to filter out Tracker or Label and enter your preferred value on the next column. Shown below are some examples.

  • For the last three options, you can check both Remove torrents and Remove torrent data

Specific Remove Rules

  • In this tab, you can fine-tune your deletion options.
  • You have 5 columns: Type, Name, Operator, Remove Rule and Minimum. You'll set each rule separately.
  • Below are some examples:
  1. Delete all torrents under radarr label that has a 3.0 ratio and above
Type Name Operator Remove Rule Minimum
Label radarr and Ratio 3
  1. Delete all torrents under tracker that has been seeded for at least been seeded for 1 hour (0.0416 days)
Type Name Operator Remove Rule Minimum
Tracker and Seed Time 0.0416 days