Initial Setup and Configuration

In this guide, we'll be setting up CouchPotato. This guide assumes that that this is your first time installing Radarr and you'll be storing your media locally, saving it to ~/media.

A setup wizard will assist you in setting up your CouchPotato.

Initial Setup

CouchPotato Setup Wizard

  • After installation and clicking Connect, enter your credentials. After that, CouchPotato's Setup Wizard will start. Just scroll down the page to continue.

  • In General settings, you may leave most of these settings as-is. You can check Dark Theme if you prefer.

  • For What download apps are you using? section, select the clients that you want to use. You may refer to this separate guide for connection details to USB supported apps.

Download Client Connection Details

  • For Are you registered at any of these sites? section, select the sites that that you want to use. Refer to your site's forums for connection details.

  • In Move & rename the movies after downloading? section, enable Rename downloaded movies. Then, set the following
    • Keep From: empty
    • Set To: to your media/Movies folder.
    • Unrar: Checked
    • Cleanup: Checked
    • Delete others: Checked

  • Once that's done and you've installed the extension/grabbed the bookmark, click I'm ready to start the awesomeness! to go to the main interface.

Settings Overview

To access the application's settings, click on the Cog Wheel.

Listed below are some of the important settings that you maybe interested in


  • Here, you can set the sites that CouchPotato will use to search movies in.


  • Here, you can set the following:
    • Preferred, required or ignored terms
    • Categories


  • Here, you can set your own quality profiles so that CouchPotato can download and upgrade to.


  • This is where you can set your torrent and usenet downloaders


  • Here, you can set options to rename your movies upon downloading and to download extras such as trailers and subtitles


  • Here, you can set notifications to certain services such as the following:
    • Discord
    • Emby
    • Plex
    • Telegram


  • Here, you can download the extension or the the bookmark for the app. You can also set automation to other services.


  • Here, you can import your existing media folders to CouchPotato.

Accessing CouchPotato via SSL

You can access the https link at https://{username}.{servername}{username}/couchpotato. No configuration is needed.