UltraSeedbox Recommended Full Automation Setup

This guide as your guide to fully setting up your UltraSeedbox slot based on our recommended apps.

This guide assumes the following:

  • All of your media will be stored in your seedbox
  • You have access to torrent trackers

You'll be installing the following software:

  1. rTorrent + ruTorrent
  2. Sonarr & Radarr
  3. Jackett
  4. Plex Media Server
  5. Tautulli
  6. Ombi

Provided below is a checklist of what to do. Each section has links to step-by-step guide of said apps. It is recommended to right click each link and open in a new tab. Once you've finished, you can tick this and proceed to the next link.

UltraSeedbox Control Panel

UltraSeedbox Control Panel Tour
Managing your UltraSeedbox Apps


How to connect to your seedbox via SSH
Public Key Authentication (Optional but recommended)
Your UltraSeedbox Linux Terminal - Helpful Commands for Learning Linux (Optional)

rTorrent + ruTorrent

ruTorrent Initial Setup and Configuration
Limiting Seeding Ratio in ruTorrent
Automatically Unpack Archived Files with ruTorrent


Sonarr Initial Setup and Configuration
Sonarr Download Client Connection Details


Radarr Initial Setup and Configuration
Radarr Download Client Connection Details


Initial Setup and Configuration

Plex Media Server

PMS Initial Setup and Configuration
Plex Plug-in Installers (Optional)


Tautulli Initial Setup and Configuration
Installing and Configuring Custom Tautulli Scripts


Ombi Initial Setup and Configuration