Initial Setup

In this guide, we’ll be setting up autodl-irssi for the first time. For this, you’ll need to install the following via UCP:

  • autodl-irssi
  • ruTorrent (to access autodl-irssi configuration UI)
    • For novice users, setting autodl-irssi via ruTorrent is recommended.
    • If you’re not going to use rTorrent as your torrent client, you’re safe to just install ruTorrent.
    • You may also edit autodl's config file directly. It's located on ~/.autodl/autodl.cfg

We'll be giving you an overview of the following:

  • Setting up trackers
  • Setting up tracker IRC
  • autodl-irssi Filters Overview

This varies wildly from your tracker.

It is vital to check with your tracker first before setting autodl-irssi. Incorrectly setting up autodl-irssi would result to undesirable consequences such as downloading unwanted releases, Hit and Run warnings and revoking certain rights on the tracker.

Initial Setup

  • After installation of said apps, login to ruTorrent.
  • autodl will install 2 things. The first is the autodl-irssi Tab which is found on the bottom of the browser window.
    • This allows you to see real-time logging of the irssi daemon.

  • The second component is the autodl-irssi configuration interface. This makes it easy for you to set your autodl-irssi.
  • Click on the autodl-irssi button.
  • You'll be shown 5 options.
    • Filters
    • IRC Servers
    • Trackers
    • Preferences
    • Help

We recommend setting this up as follows


  • Click Trackers
  • You'll be shown a list of the trackers supported by autodl-irssi.
  • Select the tracker you wish to add. Follow the instructions that are found in each tracker.
  • We recommend setting the delay to 0 unless specified by your tracker.

IRC Servers

  • Once that's done, go back to autodl-irssi button and select IRC Servers
  • Here, you can put the IRC server information of your tracker. Refer to your tracker for details
  • Shown below is an example IRC server settings

Some IRC servers require you to register first before logging into their channels and most require you to own only 1 IRC account. If you wish to chat to their IRC channels while your autodl-irssi bot is in their announce channels, you may group your nickname.

Shown here is an example command assuming you registered your nickname (we'll use usbnick as your "main nick")

/nick usbdocs|autodl
/msg NickServ group usbdocs irc_nickserv_password
/nick usbdocs


  • Lastly, go to Filters.
  • Click New
  • Add a name on the Display name
  • Here, you can set some basic settings such as
    • Which sites to monitor using Match sites
    • Set the minimum and maximum size of each release
    • Add a delay (specified by tracker)
    • Set the number of releases autodl grabs in Max downloads

Configuration Overview

Here are the settings that are relevant to you.


  • Here, we can set the general settings of autodl-irssi. The options that you can set here
    • Download duplicate releases if you prefer downloading the same release over multiple trackers
    • Use regex for match/except-releases if you prefer using regex to filter out releases that you want


  • This is where you can set what action autodl-irssi should do after it matches your release.


  • Here, you can set debugging options as well such as Output Level and Advanced Output Sites
  • You may also change your download user agent here.

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