Initial Setup

Airsonic Is a free, full-featured, stable, Java-based self-hosted media server forked from Subsonic and Libresonic, open-source, and community-driven. Some features of this app are:

  • Designed to handle extensive music collections
  • It works for any audio or video format that can stream over HTTP
  • Support for on-the-fly transcoding and streaming of virtually any audio format
  • Integrated Podcast Receiver
  • Built-in sharing options
  • Compatible with Subsonic apps

For more information about this app, you may visit this link.

Initial Setup

This assumes that your music library is in ~/media/Music. We'll be doing the following steps:

  • Adding music folders
  • Add a limited user

Setting Media Folders

  • Click Home to show the welcome message again.

  • Click on step 2, which is Set up media folders

  • In this step, you need to get the absolute path of your media folder.

  • To do that, log in to your slot's SSH terminal, navigate to your media folder and print the working directory (pwd) of that folder to get its absolute path.

    • Login to your slot's SSH terminal
      • For more information on how to login to your services's SSH terminal, refer to this guide.
    • Navigate to your media folder.
      • In this example, my Music folder is in ~/media
      • To list the directories, do ls
      • Navigate to the Music folder by typing cd >folder-name-here<
        • In this case, I'll do cd media and cd Music
      • Now, do pwd to show and copy the full path of that folder.
  • On the Media folders section, replace the /music with the full path of your music folder. In this case, /home1/usbdocs/media/Music is the full path. Scroll down and click save when done.

  • Now, Click Scan Media folders now to initialize a full scan of the folder. This will take a while, depending on the size of the library.

Media Folder Structure Recommendations

  • We recommend this folder structure for Airsonic to properly detect and organize the library.
    Artist 1
        Album 1 (year)
            Artist 1 - Album 1 - Track 1.flac
    Artist 2
        Album 2 (Year)
        Album 3 (Year)
  • You can automate this setup by utilizing the following apps

Adding a Limited User

  • Accessing and playing your library using a limited user is recommended than using your admin account because it prevents unauthorized or accidental changes to your Airsonic instance.
  • To add a limited user, Go to Settings ⇾ Users
  • Under the dropdown menu, select --New user--
  • Then check the permissions needed.
    • Since this is a limited account, DO NOT tick administrative user
  • Check all the media folders you want to access
  • At the end of the page, you need to add a username, email (you can make up any email here), and your set password.
  • Once that's all done, click save.